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Another Russian Aircraft Down and Examples of Why Wording Matters

Even via so-called “truth media,” globalist propaganda–terms such as “Syrian Rebels” and “Islamic terror” and even the word “terrorism–”find their way into the minds of man. Read about how wording matters and how using the right terms shines light on situations such as the war on Russia.

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March Against Monsanto 2016: Find Your March!

The March Against Monsanto is May 21, 2016–everywhere. Millions gather around the world each year to expose Monsanto’s worldwide, inhumane poisoning of humanity and food with disease-causing GMO crops and chemicals, AND IT’S WORKING. MONSANTO IS DYING! Join as we revolt again on May 21, 2016.     Find Your March Here. For more information, visit the March Against Monsanto official website,

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Kurds have been taking back northern Syria from ISIS and the US intends to stop them. How will Russia respond? Multiple sources, including Russia Insider, DONi, and others report that the US military has taken control of Rmeilan Airfield in Al Hasakah, Syria, and Turkish military entered ISIS-controlled Jarabulus, Syria. No resistance from ISIS further confirms US/Turkey/ISIS collaboration. Before mindlessly engaging in patriotism, nationalism, and/or support of military or invasion, look at the CONSEQUENCES. It is CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND core globalist agenda and purpose for US military and US-created ISIS: Global destabilization and control of all humans and resources. This…

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🚨 BREAKING: New York City Government Mass-Detains Citizens

On January 22, 2016, New York City mayor declared a state of emergency for New York City and then issued a dictatorial travel ban via illegitimate executive order on January 23, 2016. It is critical to realize that actions like these have absolutely nothing to do with safety and everything to do with conditioning the naive public into accepting illegitimate “authority” and a police state. All are encouraged to defy this government and travel as you please. Be careful, of course, but do not roll over to this outrageous conditioning. Weather and snow are nothing new. Government, however, would have…

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🗡 Good Spiritual Warriors

A Good Spiritual Warrior: As a [warrior] in physical war, he goes to the greatest and most-immediate threat first, faces it, and takes it out. He does not stand by and let it continue to rip him and those he loves apart. Immediately, he presses on to the homeland of the threat to take out the source. He will suppress successful enemy attacks by putting his own life on the line. [ Military are anything but warriors; they are murderers and COWARDS destroying the lives of countless innocents. A REAL warrior knows the real enemy and exposes them and defies…

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