🚨 BREAKING: Second Eyewitness Account to Murder of LaVoy Finicum Emerges


As of January 31, 2016, the second damning eyewitness testimony to the murder of LaVoy Finicum has emerged, provided via The Free Capitalist Project.

In this phone interview, you will hear the testimony of Shawna Cox–one of three passengers (the others being Ryan Bundy and Victoria Sharp) that were in LaVoy Finicum’s truck (besides LaVoy) at the time LaVoy was murdered. Her testimony–given separately from the first eyewitness account by Victoria Sharp–matches the testimony of Victoria Sharp. This further confirms the intentional, pre-planned ambush and assassination of LaVoy Finicum and the attempted assassination of all who were in the vehicle.

Toward the start of the video, the host claims that the night of January 30, 2016, a member of Shawna Cox’s family was killed in an explosion. I have not verified this information and there are no details known to us at this point. Until this is proven, this is not being stated as fact.

Lastly, the witness confirms my suspicion about Mark McConnell (who I have intentionally not put forth as an eyewitness to the murder on Transcendent Journal) who also gave testimony to the events that contradicted Victoria Sharp’s. Mark was not a witness to the murder of LaVoy, yet speaks as if he has authority to communicate what happened. LaVoy was murdered after taking off from the area where Mark was stopped in his Jeep. It was literally impossible for Mark to see the events that took place down the road.

Shawna is actually suspicious that Mark played a role in setting the group up for ambush as he reportedly tried to coax the group to all travel together prior to leaving for John Day, OR.

Note: Views expressed by the host are their own and are not necessarily representative of my own. The goal here is to spread the testimony of Shawna Cox only.

Click here and skip to time 12:30 to listen to the interview.




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