📰 ANALYSIS: “Testimony” of Mark McConnell


You may have heard about the testimony of Mark McConnell that conflicted the testimony of Victoria Sharp and now also the testimony of Shawna Cox. Mark was the driver of the Jeep behind LaVoy Finicum’s truck, viewable on the footage released by the FBI. In the Jeep was Mark McConnell, Brian Cavalier (“Booda/Buddha”), and Ammon Bundy.


    Listen to Mark McConnell’s testimony on his Facebook page here.


Why was this testimony not put forth by Transcendent Journal as an eyewitness to LaVoy’s murder? Because Mark did not witness the murder. The events witnessed by Mark stopped after LaVoy drove away from the ambush–the initial FBI stop.

That isn’t the only issue with this testimony. There are other glaring issues:

  • Mark admits in his own words that he was not a witness to the murder. This is accurate. He was not a witness. Yet, he continues to speak authoritatively as if he was.
  • Mark states that what he says in this video is based off of what Shawna Cox said. However, his testimony does not line up with either Shawna or Victoria’s testimonies–two individuals that were actually there in LaVoy’s vehicle.
  • Mark lies and states that LaVoy charged after law enforcement. “He charged after law enforcement…. He went after them. He charged them,” Mark said. This was not believable to begin with and was a predictable narrative. On top of that, it was proven to be a blatant lie upon release of the FBI footage. LaVoy charged no one and was murdered while standing in one spot. Mark’s statement is a government-planted narrative.
  • Mark uses common anti-truth, government-coined terms such as “conspiracy theorist” to dismiss those who systematically analyze crimes like this one. This is a term often used to dismiss those with credible information and valid questions who know or are in search of truth.
  • Mark claims that Shawna has added and subtracted pieces of her testimony. However, only one has been released at this point by Shawna and it aligned perfectly with Victoria Sharp’s.

Shawna raised suspicion in her testimony about Mark and claimed that Mark had tried to coax certain individuals to ride together in the same vehicle. She believes Mark set them up. This is being investigated further, but the dishonesty of this man does raise suspicion in line with Shawna’s.

Does Mark work for or was he working with the government? Was he bribed to tell a lie for early release from jail? These are valid questions.

Lastly, on January 28, 2016, I wrote this post. Granted, others were released quickly, but the others did not blatantly lie as Mark did. I will continue to keep an eye on who is treated in what fashion.



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