🚨 BREAKING: Last Four Oregon Occupiers Turn Themselves In to the Enemy

The final four occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have turned themselves in as promised to the enemy, the federal government FBI, on the morning of 02/11/2016. Individuals include Sean Anderson (48) and his wife Sandy Anderson (47) of Idaho, Jeff Banta (46) of Nevada, and suspicious individual, David Fry (27) of Ohio.

Here are the series of events according to the live stream:

Sean Anderson played a song for the stream prior to turning in. Both walked out with hands in the air, but Sean held Sandy’s right hand and Sandy held Sean’s left. Sean had a flag in his right hand. They kissed and hugged.

Sean and Sandy were patted down and taken in. The FBI was being monitored to ensure they treated the individuals with respect as promised.

02:00:30 – After Sean and Sandy, Jeff Banta walked up.

02:02:02 – With only David Fry left, a female can be heard speaking via a loudspeaker, assumed to be Sandy Anderson from the custody of the FBI.

Shortly thereafter, David Fry, in provocateur fashion, begins saying he will not come out until grievances are heard. This is after all others turned themselves in.

A recording of the live stream can be heard below. There were just under approximately 20,000 listeners (varied). The point where they begin walking one-by-one to the FBI as instructed begins around 1:50:


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