On 02/11/2016, the FBI moved in on the remaining four individuals occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge with arms, vehicles, and shouting via loudspeaker.

Between the hours of 9:o0 PM and 11:00 PM PST on 02/10/2016, Sean Anderson, one of the remaining four occupants at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, worked out an agreement with “Phil from the FBI” that if the FBI will allow state “representative” Michele Fiore and “reverend” Franklin Graham (neither of whom we are promoting) into the refuge to meet with them the morning of 02/11/2016, the occupants will turn themselves in unarmed to the FBI tomorrow (02/11/2016).

The FBI has promised they will stand down tonight (02/10/2016).

Sean spoke with the FBI via bullhorn and informed them that they would like to stay the night in their tents to stay warm and informed the FBI that they will have their guns with them to “keep everyone honest.” These weapons will be left in their personal vehicles prior to turning themselves in tomorrow.

Michele Fiore committed to ensuring the actions of the FBI will be recorded. YouTube channel host and public speaker, Gavin Seim, and Fiore promised that they and the American people will not allow them to be forgotten in jail and will see to it that they and the Hammonds get out.

We will see who stands by their word.


The Power of Paying Attention

The FBI may have been pressured into standing down due to a live stream of the phone call with the occupants that had, at times, over 60,000 listeners. It became obvious throughout the call that the FBI was listening to the call.



If communications were cut and the federal government has the means to cut cellphone reception (as they apparently did in the area where they murdered LaVoy Finicum), one question is, how did the occupants have or why were they allowed cell reception?



This is a bittersweet ending to a battle fought by a few courageous individuals (LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy, and, if he is sincere, Sean Anderson to name a few).


A recording of the nearly-five-hour stream of the live phone call is included below:



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