The Munich Attack: Red Flags of a False Flag

On July 22, 2016, governments and their whore media together proclaimed another “terror attack,” this time in Munich Germany at the Olympia shopping mall.

In their usual mongering manner, media lit up screens around the world with fear and horror as millions observed lines of people running…or jogging…or sometimes walking…out of the scene to their savior police gods.

Getting to the point, we called this as a false flag on day one–because that is how obvious the workings of desperate globalists are.

Here, we cover red flags regarding the Munich “attack” that support that it is a false flag.

Timing & What the Media Is Ignoring

Don’t you find it interesting that we all of a sudden have this waft of “terror” just as Bilderberg 2016 concluded, as Britain rejected and chose to exit the globalist EU (BrExit) of control, WikiLeaks releases over 20,000 e-mails supposedly exposing much corruption (we’ll see), Syria is being turned into chaos by the US and its allies (as we predicted in 2014) under the tired lie of “supporting local forces,” the Turkish government is going into all-out tyranny and purge mode, and other key things are happening in the world?

Conflicting Narratives

This time, we started with 20 dead. Then it was eight, then nine. That’s a pretty big difference. Then we had one gunman, then three, but wait…it’s one. And he’s dead.

Dead Suspect

When is the last time any of these supposed shooters got a trial? Once again, we have a dead suspect and we will never see a trial. They will never talk, for example, about how they were set up. That is intentional.

Ludicrous Propaganda & Quick Narratives

From racism to anti-migrant to white supremacy, the media wasted no time pinning this hoax on those they hate most–people who don’t like being run over.

The brain-dead media whore below had some claims that were quite original (sarcasm). She said the attack could have been done by a “right-wing fanatic, far-right, white supremacist, neo-Nazi” and claimed he “shouted racist remarks against migrants.” Oh, and this was when the action was still going down. Oh, and they said the shooter was German-Iranian…but is somehow still a white supremacist?


Nothing better to make a thinking person vomit than someone with that low of brain activity and low level of human empathy.

Other new-world-order-pushing propaganda included an urge for all countries (especially those with the most recent attacks) to share their security information with the globalists lest more of these things happen. It’s also a great idea to let a man with a knife dripping in blood come into your house to cut your kids’ birthday cake.

Police-State Glorification

Of course, the empire wasted no time exalting the police on high by basically saying everything good in your life depends on law enforcement:

What’s next? Our ability to think, eat, and breathe depends on talentless fat thugs running around nit-picking us and lowering people’s quality of life in their clown suits and overkill taxpayer-funded flashy-light cars?

Immediate Attempt to Quell Photos & Videos

Finishing off with the red flags, we were immediately suspicious upon hearing that there was an urge to not post photos or videos or Tweets of the event in Munich. We also observed how casual and posed everyone looked in media footage. Could this have been a drill?



The globalists are losing ground quick, so desperation and problem-reaction-solution on steroids is the name of the game.

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