Another Russian Aircraft Down and Examples of Why Wording Matters

Even via so-called “truth media,” globalist propaganda finds its way into the minds of man in the form or parroted language. Commonly-accepted lies that appear as truth are constantly used–terms such as “Syrian Rebels” and “Islamic terror” and even the word “terrorism.”

The use of these deceptive definitions is a dangerous act. It is time all who are passionate about no-nonsense, hardcore TRUTH to stop using these terms and describe what happens in the world as it actually is.
Only when the brutal truth is faced can we know what problems to solve.


What Happened

Reports from 08/01/2016 state the “Syrian Rebels” downed a Russian helicopter that was aiding Syrians and on its way back to base. As an ally, Russia has been aiding Syria as they fight for their life against the globalist, US-led invasion with the end goal of destroying the country and replacing Bashar Al-Assad with a globalist puppet.


Who Is Responsible

As reports state, “Syrian Rebels” are responsible for the downing of the Russian copter. But anyone who is a student of truth knows that “Syrian Rebels” is nothing but a facade name for the same organization created, funded, supplied, and controlled by the globalist-controlled US government (CIA).

Therefore, the globalists and US government are responsible for whatever this organization. The accurate headline is this:

Globalists and US Government Shoot Down Russian Aid Helicopter As Act of War


Bloodthirsty for Russia: A Few Examples

It is no secret that the globalists are bloodthirsty for the sacking of Russia so they can take total control. This has been evidenced especially over the past few years with various hoaxes and false flag events falsely pinned on Russia in hopes of gaining false pretext to invade Russia (whether militarily and/or politically).

August 2014: Ukraine Coup D’état

In 2014, the globalists and US government invaded the Ukraine, first by way of a fake “revolution” funded by former Nazi-collaborator, George Soros. The then Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was then replaced with a globalist puppet, Oleksandr Turchynov.

Though Ukraine is not part of Russia, Ukraine has largely existed as an extension or partner of Russia. Major Russian oil pipelines run through this territory, making it a key asset to Russia’s economy.

So, when Russia stated they would come to the aid of Ukraine, the globalists released satellite imagery and claimed it was Russia invading Ukraine–the very thing the globalists had done.


The imagery, of course, was a hoax and the claims were bogus.


Bloodthirsty for Russia



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  1. Its ridiculous to realize that our government is such scum. Whats worse is that 90% of the people surrounding me think I’m the loony for asking “who/what gains?” and looking at politics from a global standpoint.

    Stay real. Stay smart. Stay schooling us. Thank you for spreading truth! Peace and Chicken grease!


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