Alliance to Defend Syria & Self Interests

There is much talk about China upping its involvement and cooperation with Russia to defend Syria (and potentially Iran and the surrounding region) against globalist and invading US and ally oppression. Iran seems to be on board, and now perhaps even Turkey.

An alliance between Russia, China, and Iran to defend Syria against the invading US and its allies could be a wonderful thing in that it could slow or halt US and globalist oppression and destruction of Syria (at least for a while). The bad part is that it could raise tensions for world war and draw countries like Russia and China into world war.

Turkey is apparently seeing writing on the wall. Erdogan–a corrupt oppressor who has long joined forces with the corrupt US government–seems to know the power is shifting and that the US is growing to be more hated as a key world aggressor.


Turkey Coup Followup

That brings us to the topic of the coup attempt in Turkey of July 2016, which seems to be making more sense now. Erdogan (who, even though he is changing his tune, I am DO NOT SUPPORT) apparently apologized to Russia in June 2016 for downing a Russian Jet (good move). Just weeks later, the coup attempt in Turkey of July 2016 occurred.

Coincidence? I think not.


OMG, Is World War Here!?

Before flying into a fear frenzy, note that I am not saying military world war is upon us! Too many “truth outlets” jump to this conclusion without really studying all of the pieces on the chess board. This only contributes to a state of fear and societal non-productivity.

I think military world war is premature for the globalists as they want to accomplish more before trying to really set that off. But, this, I believe, is a major step in that direction in that major superpowers (China and Russia in particular) are starting to rise up against the US government and its allies (and rightfully so)–just as the globalists planned.

On the other hand, economic and standoff world war does seem to be the state of the world at this point– a cold war.


Pre-game World War Is Here

The US must be seen as the bully that it is so the globalists can have their all-out war down the road and receive none of the blame. Then, they rise to power under the solution of a “one world government” to “bring everyone together.” At least that is what they have wet dreams about.


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