Poor Little USA: Iran Hurt Their Feelings with “Harassment!”

Poor little US is getting its feelings hurt as Iran “harasses” US Navy reportedly in the Persian Gulf. Harassment? Really?


“Crime of Crimes:” Not Supporting the Globalist-American Empire

The crime of crimes to the US government (and the general population of America) is anyone and anything that opposes them, exposes their crimes, or so much as questions the US government. But now the chips are falling and more people and countries are siding with, seemingly, anything but the US. With China and the AIIB gathering up support from Russia, Australia, and other surrounding countries, the globalists are quaking and the US is criticizing.


Iran’s Horrific Crime? Self Defense!

Added to this list is that the world is getting real damn tired of the US “spreading democracy” around the world in the form of missiles, bombs, ground troops, martial law, sanctions, cities turned to rubble, globalist puppets, and more “goodies.”

Iran is among those tired of US lies, destruction, and murder and so is apparently playing very close attention to US military activity in the Persian Gulf. A large portion of Iran’s Western side borders the Gulf. The US, which has zero business being in that part of the world, prowls these waters, so Iran (reportedly) has been sending patrols to keep an eye on the creeps.

On the other hand, the US acts as if Iran patroling waters around its border is some kind of new phenomenon–as if they haven’t ever done so before!

What is the US labeling Iran floating tiny little patrol boats around its big-ass destroyer(s)? Harassment.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 21.33.33

Iranian patrol boats keep an eye on US Navy Destroyer
A US Navy Destroyer


This coming from the US that has obliterated country after country, city after city, life after life around the world via military invasion. But that’s not harassment, right? Nah. That’s just “spreading democracy!”

Excuse me while I settle my stomach down as it churns over this utterly laughable and disgusting joke and display of American arrogance.


Recycled Recycling

The globalists and their whore media sure love recycling stories. This current report is a recycled narrative of this one from 2008 and similar to this one from 2012 and we wouldn’t be surprised to find others. Surely they could have found a new writer of fake stories by now!


Iran: So Evil that It Simply Exists

In more desperate anti-Iran propaganda, the US is now claiming that Iran’s no-brainer activity of monitoring the waters surrounding its shores is now “harassment.” What’s next? Will a country simply existing outside of globalist / US / Israeli control next to be called “harassment” and “terrorism?”

Think about that. Few countries exist outside of globalist central-bank control including Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Chew on that for a second, now think about which countries you have heard most-demonized by lamestream and even so-called “truth” news in recent years.


To Hell with “Democracy”

But poor little US. It seems people are tired of their “gift” of “democracy” being dropped on and forced into their lands.



2016 Report on Iranian patrol boats: https://news.usni.org/2016/08/24/video-destroyer-uss-nitze-harassed-iranian-patrol-boats

2008 Anti-Iran propaganda using same story: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pentagon-iranians-harassed-navy-ships/

2012 Anti-Iran exaggerated report of “close encounter” with Iran patrol boat: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/02/14/10409926-us-aircraft-carrier-has-close-encounter-with-iranian-patrol-boat?lite

Banking Alliance around AIIB: www.telegraph.co.uk/money/ us isolated as austrailia


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