Most Important “Election” Ever!

Wait for it–the quadrennial (every-four years) neck-and-neck presidential-puppet competition! Get ready for the fake presidential smackdown that is faker than professional wrestling!

What’s Gonna Happen?

Over the months, I have been asked a number of times, of coarse, what I think will happen with this puppet show in America they like to call an “election.” I’ll share with you what I have shared with people all along.

Media-Staged Neck-and-Neck Competition

You will see the same-old fake, rigged “competition” plastered all over corporate (and even so-called “truth” media) as the two main politicians–a republican and a democrat–stage a fake competition over who will be the next warmonger in chief.


You will see an elephant and donkey hanging out around 48-52% (give or take a few–and perhaps at least one of them will start lower). But by the end, it will likely be “so close” (because, somehow, America is always nearly perfectly divided 50/50 on their national opinion) as America waits for “swing state” results. Nevertheless, the globalist puppet the system wants in place will be announced the winner. Even if the desired puppet starts out behind, they will likely swoop ahead last minute for the “win.”

They’ve got to keep that sense of suspense and competition going so voters feel like they are part of something important and their voice counts in all of this!

Who Will Win?

First of all, there is no winner–because you can’t win a fake competition.

As for who I think the globalists will appoint the next president–rather, salesman of tyranny–it doesn’t matter because they both further the same agenda and more government rather than no government.

Nevertheless, it does seem they have had this thing rigged for Hillary the entire time given how they continue to shove that disgusting, murder-loving demon in everyone’s face regardless of how many people hate her and how she couldn’t even fill smaller rooms during her campaign. It seems obvious that the majority of voting sheep want Trump, yet they continue to prop Hillary up as even standing a chance–which I don’t think she would it this were a real competition.

I could be wrong, but I think it will be Hillary. But–whether Trump or Hillary–government will be furthered, and that is the core problem.  There is no meaningful difference between the two. They both back the military industrial complex, tout ISIS and “Islamic terrorism,” drive for more government and government “solutions,” will not denounce and remove support for Zionist Israel, are not point-blank on 9/11 and other false flags being false flags, have corrupt megabank ties, and on and on.

Other Possibilities and Floated Ideas

Reverse PSYOP

I’m not going to say this is the most-likely scenario, but here is something to think about: No one I’ve heard has talked about the possibility of a reverse PSYOP (psychological operation) where Hillary was propped for the purpose of provoking so much hate toward a beyond-hatable person (herself) that people would flock to Trump as the desired globalist puppet.


Even if the globalists heeded a landslide (e.g. toward Trump) and they don’t like something about Trump (I’m still not convinced), well…we know how globalists handle people who don’t cooperate—propaganda then removal or death.

Trump Being Genuine

What if Trump was genuine, just playing the political game, would reveal what he really knows about globalism after getting in, and actually wanted to “fix things?” I doubt that. But if he was genuine, then he is genuinely for the military industrial complex. He is genuinely against Muslims, who are not the problem. He genuinely sees government as the solution. The list continues. I am not interested.

There are other possibilities, but I am going to choose not to go so far down the speculation path at this point.

After the “Election”

If Hillary wins, the e-mail scandal, Benghazi, and maybe her health will be to her presidency as Obama’s birth certificate was to his. If it is Trump, tax returns and some “sexism” / treatment-of-women accusation will be his “Obama’s birth certificate.” Americans will whine and bitch about these issues until four, then eight years pass and the destruction is done–just like America whined and bitched about Obama’s birth certificate until–oh, look! Eight years have passed and thousands upon thousands upon thousands more people overseas have been murdered at theirs and the globalists’ hand!

Most Important “Election” Ever!

In closing, let me tell you why I think this is the most important so-call election ever.

Usually, when you hear someone say, “most important election ever,” they are promoting a particular politician and / or saying something along the lines of, “if we don’t elect the right person this time, we will never have another chance” or “this is our last chance–” because everything is about America, right? No one else in the world matters, right? Everything is about “saving America” and “saving the so-called republic,” right?

My message is this: This is the most-important election to not vote.

Why would I say that? Because the more you play along with, the more compliance and cooperation you give to the system, the more power you “give it” over your life–and you are an independent being who can rule yourself!

Every four years, it’s the same thing. Two supposedly-opposing sides stage a fake competition and everyone’s eyes are fixed on the new puppet. Meanwhile, four, eight, twelve, sixteen years, decades pass and more people die.

Conclusion and What You Can Do

If government continues to exist, the system wins. Globalism wins—unless you remove your cooperation. It is time for everyone to remove their participation and compliance completely and start to self-rule–because we are free and independent beings and we are sick and tired of the Satanic lies, control, theft, and death.


IMAGE: 😴 “Election” Day


VIDEO: ✋🏻Most-Important US “Election” Ever!



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