Critical Test Points to See Through Any Politician & “Election” Results

Whelp, it’s official. The next sweeping-promise presidential puppet of United States, Inc. is Donald J. Trump.

What Happened

Everything went just as predicted, even down to the popular-vote percentages–though my loose, “I-could-be-wrong” guess at Hillary being appointed did not come true. In usual fashion, a fake neck-and-neck “competition” was displayed all over corporate and “truth” media–attempting to keep Americans believing that America is always nearly-perfectly divided 50/50 on its collective opinion.

The typical, drawn out wait for “swing states” and remaining states extended into early morning hours until Trump was announced the new puppet.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 23.40.30.png Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 23.10.55.png


Honestly, I haven’t dismissed the possibility that the entire thing was rigged for Hillary, but with election rigging being increasingly exposed, the obvious desire of the voting sheep for Trump, and hate swelling for unpopular Hillary, the globalists may have switched plans later on due to fear that they would not slide by with shoving Hillary on the public. With either puppet, the system wins. But, as stated previously, if there really is something the system does not like about Trump, they may be planning other ways to remove him by demonization, propaganda, and removal or murder.

It is crazy that these are even legitimate issues to be considered, but they are–because history shows how the system works.

A Legitimate President: One Who Abolishes Everything

The only legitimate president in my book is one who would completely dissolve and shut down the government forever. But what politician have you ever seen pose that idea? As for me, none! That is what I would do if I became president–which is why I would never be president. The point is this: It is our job to dissolve it by noncompliance.

Critical Test Points for Any Politician

NEVER is government a solution; dissolving it is. Rejecting it is. Abandoning it is. And when you open your eyes, you will find that every politician fails at the following most-important test points.

Keep in mind, these test points are not for validating whether someone is a “good president” or not (there is no such thing). Rather, they are for you to slice through the bull and see the fraud in every politician for yourself as you see these things unfulfilled:

Critical Test Points to See Through Any Politician / President

  • Will globalism be exposed and rebuked in action?
  • Will mass murderers, including Hillary, be jailed and/or executed?
  • Will globalists be jailed and/or executed?
  • Will the IRSFederal Reserve, and corrupt megabanks be abolished, all ties with them cut, and their executives jailed and/or executed?
  • Will the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) be abolished and their crimes against innocent people be corrected?
  • Will globalist hold on all land and resources be relinquished?
  • Will the EPA be abolished and those behind their crimes against humanity be jailed and/or executed?
  • Will the FDA, the DA, and all corrupt food and chemical companies (e.g. MonsantoDOWGeneral MillsNestlé, etc.) be abolished and their executives jailed and/or executed?
  • Will the DoJState DepartmentDHSpolice, etc, be abolished and those behind their crimes jailed and/or executed?
  • Will NATO be dissolved?
  • Will the entire Military Industrial Complex be dissolved?
  • Will the water wars and geoengineering (GMOs, chemtrails) be stopped, HAARP, the Weather ChannelIBM, the military, and other involved organizations be abolished and those responsible be jailed and/or executed?
  • Will access blocking to the north and south poles be halted?
  • Will prevention of space exploration by independent parties no longer be blocked?
  • Will those behind fluoridation of water be executed?
  • Will big pharma and medical industry be abolished and those behind it be executed for their genocide?
  • Will US military be pulled out of every location?
  • Will those behind the crimes of government contractors and corporations be jailed and/0r executed and their companies dissolved (e.g. Blackwater, Halliburton, Lockheed MartinBoeing, and others like them)?
  • Will support for and ties to Israel and all other corrupt countries be completely cut?
  • Will “foreign aid” be discontinued?
  • Will ties to the United Nations be cut?
  • Will narrative of fake “terrorism” and “Islamic terrorism” be thrown away?
  • Will divisiveness and pushing of non-issues stop?
  • Will persecution/demonization of Muslims, Christians, Mormons, Amish, and other sects of people stop?
  • Will architects of 9/11 and other false flags be jailed and/or executed?
  • Will taxes be abolished?
  • Will TPPObamacare, and other outrageous intrusions be abolished and not enforced?
  • Will worker-killing regulations be taken off of the backs of workers?
  • Will the war on coal and independent, Nikola-Tesla-level, free energy be stopped?
  • Will the CIA and FBI be dismantled and abolished and criminals within executed?
  • Will every murderer behind every murder and assassination (deaths by cop, assasinations of LaVoy Finicum, Michael Hastings, Aaron Shwartz–the long list– military murders, etc.) be executed?
  • Will all wrongly-imprisoned people (e.g. those on drug charges, people like the Bundys, whistle-blowers, etc.) be freed?
  • Will torture and inhumane treatment stop?
  • Will war on drugs be discontinued?
  • Will peace be made with countries bullied by the US–like RussiaIran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, North Korea, etc, even though the atrocities committed there (loss of life) can never be repaid?

And the most-important questions of all:

  • Will destruction of countries around the world and genocide be exposed and halted?
  • Will government be dissolved?

The list goes beyond this, and this list will not be fulfilled.


The Solution: You, Not Government

While these questions are critical, it is more critical to remember that we must never look or appeal to government or politicians to be a solution–because it is impossible for them to be!  The are the problem. Instead, we must remove all compliance, cooperation, and participation from the system and watch it fall. Then, the above list will be fulfilled as the core problem–globalists and government–falls apart and shrivels up and as we rule, build, and better ourselves.

Non-compliance depends on your personal power, not a politician.

Without compliance, tyranny cannot exist.


IMAGE: 😴 “Election” Day

VIDEO: 😴 Predictions Coming True So Far


VIDEO: ✋🏻Most-Important US “Election” Ever!


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