9/11 Emotionfest 2017: Don’t Lose Your Life, Too

In usual fashion, many gathered today–September 11, 2017–to remember the victims of the infamous attacks at the World Trade Center on 09/11/2001. Names were read of those who were murdered 16 years ago, tears flowed, flowers were brought, songs were played, emotions ran hard.


Make no mistake–there should always be rightful emotion surrounding the death of human beings. We should be worried if there isn’t. But the question I would like to pose here is this:

Are our emotions moving us to rightful action?

Indeed, emotion that replaces justice is a dangerous thing. And it this type of emotion (hurt, anger, fear) that humanity’s enemies leverage to have their way with humanity.

How 9/11 Has Affected Minds & Hearts

September 11, 2001, has–above anything else–fed the mindset that humans overseas fall below status of human. This giant false flag was executed to grab emotions, instill fear, spark anger, and rally up support behind unjustified murderous invasions overseas–and to lessen in people’s minds the importance of defending life.

The system needs emotion to kick in to get support for pulverizing the innocent in territories they wish to control. They cannot easily sell the lie that the innocent are guilty without major events like 9/11 and other PSYOPS.

Sadly, arrogant Americans in mass believe that anyone who the United States corporation claims is a threat to the United States (as if the USA is all that matters) is fair game for death. This is a primary state of humanity that needs to be reversed.

Yet, each year, people attend 9/11 memorials, ceremonies, and vigils out of supposed value for “American lives–” many events that are put on by the very government that took the lives of these innocent people! (Can anyone say, “contradiction?”) You’ll usually even see some of those who planned and helped execute the attacks and sell the lies at these events (the likes of Rudy Giuliani, the Bushes, Dick Cheney, Donal Rumsfeld, and others):

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 23.08.14.png

What a way to mock and what a way to hide in plain view!

But why would government help ensure remembrances of those they murdered take place?

Why do we see, all over government media, the urge to “remember 9/11?” Why do they seek to keep our memories alive by reviving questions like, “where were you on 9/11?” Remembrance out of respect should take place. But there is something else to be said about leading people to recall negative things that spark emotions that spark a harmful response.

Where Were You.jpg

Government seeks to keep the emotion alive because Americans respond by giving their support to more military invasion, more oppression, more murder overseas (though they deny that that is what it is), and more Luciferian government control. They also do so to avoid justice. As long as humans are distracted by aimless remembrance and paying respects to the dead, the chances of justice being brought to the perpetrators of murder are lessened.


Don’t Lose Your Life, Too

On 9/11, thousands were reported murdered in the Word Trade Center towers in New York. They lost their lives as a human blood sacrifice to the Luciferian system of control.


After 9/11, countless more thousands have been murdered overseas who had nothing to do with 9/11. They lost their lives as a human blood sacrifice to a Luciferian system of control.

Even the murderers (who I rebuke) called the US military and their allies who die overseas lose their lives as human blood sacrifices to the Luciferian system.

And on an ongoing basis, the system’s eye is on those of us who live. They want you and I to be caught up in pointless remembrance instead of seeking true justice. The system wants your continued cooperation–regardless of what you think of the system. If you grieve the dead that the system murdered, if you verbally oppose the system by exposing them, if you claim to despise the evil system, yet you continue to cooperate with it and bow in compliance out of fear, then at least a large portion of your life has been lost as well.

So, don’t lose your life, too. Don’t be a sacrifice to the system by doing what the system wants–verbally opposing while mechanically cooperating.


So, what do you do? You are alive. Take your life back. Trust the Creator and His simple law alone. Live free and rule your own life. Stop cooperating with the system and starve it of your compliance in every way that you find to do. Self-rule and removal of compliance with the system is peaceful, nonviolent, and the most effective solution.

I think you know what to do. Put your hand to the plow, put your heads together, and support each other in transcending the system.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is my article from the 15-year 9/11 anniversary from a year ago.

Another Thought:

Is there Spiritual Significance to the Date, 9/11?

On another note, is there another reason that the Luciferian system has sought to put a horrible taste in peoples’ mouths at the mention of the date, 9/11? A man named Michael Heiser and another named Rob Skiba (whose humble and analytical work I have come to highly admire) have an interesting argument that this might have been the date that Yeshua (transliterated in English to Jesus) was born in the year 3 BC. I have partially tested this argument using the software mentioned and am in the process of deciding where I stand on this idea, but check out their videos on the subject here and decide what you think:

VIDEO: 9/11, the Birth of Yeshua and the Omega Plan to raise the Antichrist – Rob Skiba (Watch Here)

PODCAST: What Day was Jesus Born? – Michael Heiser (Watch Here)



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