9/11 Emotionfest 2018: So You Wanna Talk Science?

While the corporate media drags on and on as usual about remembering things to no constructive end, it is continuously ignored that we are nearing two decades with no answers on 9/11–meaning thinkers have found answers, but government refuses to acknowledge them. The most compelling and telling cases have been brought against the 9/11 narrative by the thinkers of the world–but why bother with evidence? According to government, we should just sit in front of the television, get emotional at the stale speeches by politicians, and move on until the next Emotionfest.

Passionately Pseudoscientific

These days, much of American society is all about dat “science” and none dare argue with it! Try to reason with many, and chances are you’ll be met with one of the following easy-out answers:

  • “Science, bitches!”
  • “Because science.”
  • “Scientists say…”
  • “Studies say…”

or the argument of all arguments…

  • “What–you don’t believe in science!?”

As long as one uses the word, “science,” back off, logic!


Is it possible that American society is the least scientific in its most-popular trains of “thought?” In regard to 9/11, let’s look at a list of questions that require scientific and proof-based answers and look at claims unproven that will shed some light on scientific fakery.

Scientific Questions

Seventeen years after September 11, 2001, and we still do not have proof that:

  • burning kerosene can melt or weaken steel that withstands 2,000º Fahrenheit,
  • planes hitting massive skyscrapers like the twin towers can implode them,
  • burning fuel can travel hundreds of feet downward,
  • office fires can implode entire office buildings,
  • concrete can pulverize itself,
  • raging-hot (non-cooling) fires produce solid, heavy, black smoke,
  • steel and concrete buildings (like WTC7) can collapse for no reason,
  • planes can slice through massive steel and concrete,
  • jet engines and black boxes can evaporate in a plane crash,
  • a Boeing 757 can fit into 10 – 20ft holes and evaporate–engines and all,
  • a plane hit the Pentagon,
  • any plane crashed in a field,
  • plane crashes leave tiny craters, little to no debris or charring, and no bodies,
  • cellphone coverage was available in 2001 on the plane allowing for the famous “let’s roll” call,
  • a man in a cave in Afghanistan directed the entire operation,
  • massive aircraft could have made any of the claimed flight maneuvers into the towers or the Pentagon,
  • paper passports can escape plane crash impact from the front of a plane virtually unscathed while blackboxes evaporate and buildings turn to dust and molten material,
  • aircraft hitting a building at the top can produce perfectly-straight slices in supporting columns at the base.

Propaganda Questions

Seventeen years after September 11, 2001, and we still do not have proof that:

  • Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11,
  • Afghanistan had any weapons of mass destruction,
  • Iraq had anything to do with 9/11,
  • Saddam Husein had anything to do with 9/11,
  • any country other than the United States, Inc, / the Zionists had anything to do with 9/11,
  • any warfare carried out anywhere by the murderous, destructive United States military has done anything good for the world ever,
  • anything in the world has been improved whatsoever as a result of Zionist actions.

More Questions

  • Also, why were war games for the exact scenario going on at the same time as the fake attacks?
  • Why was NORAD so conveniently confused?
  • Why were United States fighter jets that would have brought down the rogue airliners before they hit the buildings brought overseas before the events far away from the scene?
  • Why have multiple witnesses with opposing stories mysteriously died?
  • Why were there supposedly already reports of bombs in the Pentagon with firetrucks on site before flight 77 supposedly hit?
  • Why did the leaseholder of the WTC7, Larry Silverstein, talk about “pulling it” to bring down the building (a professional demolition term)?
  • What about the massive insurance policy taken out on the center right before the events?
  • Why was the damage at the Pentagon right in the accounting department where investigation of $2.3 trillion announce the day before by Dick Cheney was being carried out?
  • What about all of the information stored in Cheney’s “bunker” in WTC7 and the towers? What was hidden there?
  • What about the pathetic official report by NIST on how the towers came down that is easily disproved with actual science / physics?
  • What about images on government documents of the towers being hit and destroyed and statements about the need for a “new Pearl Harbor” (which also was a false flag) before 9/11? (See page 51 of this document.)
  • What about the FBI and ATF swooping in to take over investigation as they do in every other bullshit “investigation” that never results in actual answers?
  • Did any planes hit anything? No plane hit the Pentagon, no plane crashed in a field, and there is high suspicion that no planes hit the towers but may have been CGI and / or holographs. If any did, they were certainly drone-controlled and may or may not have had anyone on board.
  • Why was the obstruction of evidence not exposed and punished when government had the metal from the towers immediately hauled off and sold to another country–before investigation had been completed?

As these cases were just a spill of thoughts off the top of my head, they only scratch the surface of the seemingly endless list of issues that can be brought up–scientific, financial, other information 9/11 covered up about separate scandals, etc. The trail of red flags goes so deep in every direction, it is insane. I may add more to this list, but you get the picture.

Stick By Truth’s Side

How upside-down is America? While thinkers scientifically disprove virtually everything government says about 9/11, a society that claims to be “all about the science” continues to scoff at those who are actually scientific while simultaneously ridiculing them for not believing what “scientists” say. Family, “friends,” acquaintances, followers–whoever–will likely turn on you. But stick with truth’s side–no matter the ridicule–because it will never turn on you.


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