9/11 Emotionfest 2019: YOU Are the Investigators

Welcome to 9/11 Emotionfest 2019–where people sit around listening to stale speeches on TV all night filled with sob stories to keep your emotions hooked so the real criminals can tread forward behind the scenes and hidden in plain view year after year. It’s a day where people are reminded to remember things, where people hear about all of the horrible things that happened to, in their own opinion, “the greatest country to ever exist in the history of everything!”

It is also a time when well-meaning people still walk around–now eighteen years in–saying, “investigate 9/11!”

Who Stands to Gain? You Tell Me!

Years ago, I was showing a documentary about the 9/11 hoax in my living room to a bunch of people and someone interrupted it stating that it was a bunch of bullshit. They stated that I needed to ask myself, “who stands to gain from making this documentary?” Well, let’s flip that question around: who stands to gain from 9/11?

Every Thinker Knows

Look, here’s the deal: 9/11 is one of the biggest staged hoaxes in all of history–and anyone with half a brain that thinks and has bothered to look into it knows it. And the Occult government has gained from it endlessly–in the form of human lives, land, resources, you name it.

Want 9/11 Investigated?

Done! September 11, 2001, has been investigated by many, many, many thinkers many, many, many times over throughout the past 18 years. We know the truth! But stop telling government to investigate 9/11–because that would be government investigating itself, and that doesn’t work.

Is that legitimate accountability? No.

Will government bring justice? No.

Justice is not what government is there for. They are there to manipulate and destroy only.



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