Introducing the Boycott & Replace List

There is plenty of talk around issues–but it is critical to act on right conviction! One of the most-basic points of doing so is not only taking business from those who are involved in and/or support evil things but giving it to those who need and/or deserve it.

About the Boycott & Replace List

TRANSCENDENT JOURNAL is developing critical resources for this critical point in history for humanity’s future–website expansion, information-spreading resources, a critical new podcast, exciting new classes and more–and we could really use your help (pitch in here)! The first of these resources we’re putting forth is a simple list of organizations that should be boycotted due to their lack of integrity, support of evil trash, involvement in New-World-Order propaganda, and more. These organizations can be anything from businesses to institutes to countries and beyond. Also, we are not suggesting a temporary boycott but a permanent one. Companies that surrender their integrity (if they ever had a hint of it) do not deserve your business–ever.

Most commentary focuses on the don’t and no enough on the do. We love solutions, so this list also includes not only organizations to take business from but suggestions on who to give it to. Keep in mind that the replacements may not be perfect and you should investigate them for yourself. However, they are intended be a much better option–at least for the time being until something even better is found.

Updates & Taking Part

This list is not all-inclusive and will be continually updated with new organizations and replacements. To take it a step further, you can take part in building this list by sending your own suggestions! Visit the list page to find out how.

The List

Last, but not least, here is the list! You can also access it via the main menu in the top-right of this website.

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