March Against Monsanto 2016: Find Your March!

The March Against Monsanto is May 21, 2016โ€“everywhere. Millions gather around the world each year to expose Monsantoโ€™s worldwide, inhumane poisoning of humanity and food with disease-causing GMO crops and chemicals, AND ITโ€™S WORKING. MONSANTO IS DYING! Join as we revolt again on May 21, 2016. ย ย ย  Find Your March Here. For more information, visit... Continue Reading →

๐Ÿ—ก Good Spiritual Warriors

A Good Spiritual Warrior: As a [warrior] in physical war, he goes to the greatest and most-immediate threat first, faces it, and takes it out. He does not stand by and let it continue to rip him and those he loves apart. Immediately, he presses on to the homeland of the threat to take out... Continue Reading →

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