Giant Cult

We live in a giant fucking cult. This is why people don't take seriously the people most qualified to be taken seriously. Social acceptability overrides reason and leads to shame placed on those who question and disprove the man-created norms and live by the natural. Status quo. It's one giant cult.

9/11 Emotionfest 2016: 15-Year Anniversary

Let's remember all lives obliterated as a result of one of the most-horrific false flags in all of history. Will you simply "remember 9/11" or will you be part of the solution?

We will not forget who is responsible.

Another Russian Aircraft Down and Examples of Why Wording Matters

Even via so-called “truth media,” globalist propaganda–terms such as “Syrian Rebels” and “Islamic terror” and even the word “terrorism–”find their way into the minds of man.

Read about how wording matters and how using the right terms shines light on situations such as the war on Russia.

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