Who Is the Satanic Occult?

Who and what makes up the satanic occult pulling the strings behind world chaos?

Families of Control

The dark occult is made up satanists–opposers–a set of just fifteen Persian-Italian and Germanic mafia families whose bloodlines and system of control primarily trace back to Italy and Persia (“all roads lead to Rome). They are called Jesuits–the Illuminati or “Illuminated ones”. At their head is the Pope (Caesar) of Rome–the head of the New World Order agenda to own the earth, control all land, and keep human population low and enslaved.

System of Control


1) Spiritual Control by Sorcery & Religion
🇻🇦 Vatican City (Rome) / The Vatican

2) Economic Control by Commerce & Usury
🇬🇧 City of London & stolen territory, Israel (ancient Phoenicia)

3) Physical Control by Military Power
🇺🇸 Washington DC (currently transitioning to China)

The system of control on which all governments are based is Roman. The Roman empire never fell. It builds in one area and is designed to, eventually, unravel and collapse. While one iteration of the Roman empire is running its course, the next is built up that will replace it.

There was Rome, Italy. New Romes came along with Britain (York Town), Nazi Germany, the USSR–and the latest iteration of Rome has been the United States government (Washington, District of Columbia and the New York “Empire State”) which, like all other governments, is a literal corporation business. The United States Corporation was founded in the state of Delaware. The products of that corporate have primarily been the industry and technical innovation of the population (industrial revolution) of North America, military power, propaganda media, and business and personal data.

The United States Corporation has been being liquidated under the puppet presidency of Donald Trump. His “MAGA charm” and the economic improvement of the 2016-2019 era kept people subdued, pacified, off-guard, distracted. A key element of war is that of surprise. The COVID hoax was such as it caught people off guard and unprepared. The ensuing martial law has served as the final knife to the economy of the United States republic.

Joe Biden is another clown puppet in place to distract with staged “election fraud,” mumbling speech, accusation of pedophilia, and the Hunter Biden scandal while the deal to sell off America to China is finalized and executed.

The next iteration of Rome is China–possibly along with Russia. The COVID death injection is meant to kill millions around the world–and specifically to murder the population of north America because China–the leader of the technocracy iteration of Rome–”needs the living space” and will occupy the Americas if Rome gets its way.

Philosophy of Control

The philosophy of the Roman system of control is Greek in philosophy. Rome overtook and absorbed Greece long ago and, along with it, their philosophy. More on this later.

Religion of Control

The religion of the system of control is the Roman Catholic Religion. “Catholic” is the latin word for “universal.” Therefore, the New-World-Order religion is the Roman Universal Religion–worship and submission to the Pope. At this religion’s base is Mithraism–the religion dedicated to the fish god, Dagon, who is represented by the Zodiacal sign, Pisces. This is why the Pope’s headwear looks like a fish with its mouth open from the side–because it is a fish head.

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