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The New World Order satanic occult is attempting to make its final moves to bring their plan of world slavery and human extinction to fruition. The C0VID hoax has been their slow-motion new 9/11 event to do that. To say that they are trying murder billions via nasal vaccinations/implants (so-called “tests”), death injections (“vaccines”), financial duress, fear and depression, predicted blackouts, and upcoming famine as we speak is no exaggeration. There is now a very short window for those who see it and are on the right side of issues to position themselves to be self-sufficient, get in, and stay in the fight. You should relocate early this year.

This is not and all-inclusive list, but below are some highly-recommended resources to help you analyze and plan. (Also, I make nothing off of these recommendations.)

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📚 Get Some Critical Books
📞 Book a Relocation Consultation
🗺 Know Entry Requirements for Your Destination Country
📦 Sell Your Excess
📡 Set Up Communications

The Guide

📚 Get Some Critical Books

I suggest buying every book sold by Joel Skousen–relocation and secure-home specialist–here. I bought all of his below-listed resources from his website for about $104 USD (~€85.89, ~£74.77).

Strategic Relocation – 4th Edition
by Joel Skousen

While this resource focuses, primarily, on relocating within the USA, it contains amazing data about the majority of the entire world and strategies for relocating that will help you analyze where to go no matter where you are.

The Secure Home – 4th Edition
by Joel Skousen

This book not only covers design of a secure living place but contains a wealth of information on homesteading, gardening, raising animals, equipment, family values, social unrest, lifestyle, fitness, dealing with violence, and a ton more.

The High Security Shelter – 5th Edition
by Joel Skousen

A concealed shelter may save you and/or your family’s lives from intruders, war, radioactivity, and other results of violence and disaster. Learn how to protect them and your critical supplies with this valuable resource.

10 Packs for Survival
by Joel Skousen

A great, simple companion to the above resources, this pamphlet is a great starting point for proper food, water, power, first-aid, transportation, travel, communications, equipment, defense, and tool supplies. It also covers a bit of secure-home design and good items to have on hand for bartering

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📞 Book a Relocation Consultation

In addition to Joel Skousen’s books, you can book a personal consultation with him to ask questions and receive input on your relocation and home-security plans. As of 2021, his rate is $90.00 USD / hour. It is well worth your time and money.

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🗺 Know Entry Requirements for Your Destination Country

We do not care about manmade laws–but one should be aware of what a government attempts to enforce so as to circumvent it. Here is a couple of lists provided by Travel Off Path listing the acts of violence various countries do or do not attempt to enforce on you as criteria for entry including so-called “tests” (nasal vaccinations / nanotechnology implants) and “vaccines” (DNA-destroying death injections), tyrannical surveillance and contact tracing, police-state “quarantining,” etc.

• Never, ever do a test or vaccination, or take any pharmaceuticals. They will literally destroy your DNA! More on that to come.
• Never sign a C0VID form. They are a contract declaration that you waive your personal autonomy!

If you can get into a country for a time without any of the above, you could work on ways to stay there while there.

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📦 Sell Your Excess

In this consumeristic world, many cling to the material. But there are few things as refreshing and freeing in this life than contentment and learning to let go of that which weighs you down. If you have excess–unnecessary possessions that slow down your ability to move about efficiently–now is a great time to offload. Sell and donate.

Here are a few resources for selling:
• Local Classifieds / Newspaper Ads

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📡 Set Up Communications

Whether you are already settled or relocating, it is critical to set up non-internet-dependent communications to network with the right people and stay in touch with family remotely. Many solutions in today’s world require going back in time to the wonderful natural. As far as technology is concerned, solutions also require going back in time to the non-digital age.

Here is a list of items to get on-hand and learn to use now:

Multi-Band Receiver/Transmitter
Transmitter that can send signal
• Go analog, not digital (easily monitored)
• Deep-cycle battery w/ solar for charge
• May need converter for proper charging
• Have numbered list frequencies your counterparts know

• Type depends on type of receiver
• Ensure it is a receive and transmit antenna

CB or Home Band Transceivers
• Set of 2
• Ideally 2-to-3 mile range

AM/FM Shortwave Radio Receiver
• Also get a 40″ wire antenna
• Wind-up-charge operated
• Deep-cycle
• High quality

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