Question: How Would Average Americans Act if the Tables Were Turned?

Here is a question for Americans in particular–and in particular those who tout “patriotism” and the “support the troops” narrative.


Say the US was not bothering the world. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, that is the opposite of the real case. But say the US was not bothering the world, invading anyone, meddling in anyones’ affairs and a foreign entity (regardless of what country or organization it is) invaded the US for no reason, dropped bombs on the heads of residents and infrastructure, took over the streets, kicked down doors, stole weapons away, and murdered people in mass?

How would the average American feel about that and what would they do?

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 15.22.19.png

Well, I’d imagine the average American would probably tell themselves, “I would take up arms and start fighting back!” That or many would likely wait at least a while for the military to come slaughter the invader.

Nevertheless, would not the average American want to see that invader slaughtered?

This Begs the Questions

It is time for Americans to hypothetically turn the tables and put themselves in the shoes of those who have been trampled by their tax dollars and compliance. It is time to ask and answer the tough questions and face up to the answers Americans know are the right answers:

  • How is it any different when the US and their allies and coalitions invade all of these different countries for no reason (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Palastine, Syria, and all others), drop bombs on citizens and infrastructure, take over the streets, kick down doors, steal weapons away, and murder people in mass?serveimage-5
  • Is it not the definition of hypocrisy to preach your “right to bear arms” in the US, yet celebrate the US military ripping arms out of the hands of citizens of other countries while humiliating and brutalizing those families?
  • Why should the people of those countries not fight back–just as the average American would (at least likely claim they would be) be doing?
  • Does the US military–a murderous and destructive invader–not deserve to be attacked and slaughtered by people of those countries just as Americans would move to slaughter an invading force here?
  • Why would you listen to any media that says those people fighting back are bad guys? Would you not be angered by media saying Americans fighting back against invaders are bad guys?


If you put down your defense and truly attempted to answer these questions in moral honesty, good. You are ahead of average thinking.

It is never too late to free one’s thinking and grow empathy for humanity! And now is the next time to pass these questions on and turn the tables of thinking toward what is right rather than what is “patriotic.”


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