🔍 INITIAL THOUGHTS & ANALYSIS: Thanksgiving Football Game Shooting

On Thursday, November 24, 2016, corporate media claimed that a shooting took place at a football game called the Juice Bowl in Louisville, KY, that injured four and claimed the life of two.

I am not drawing conclusions at this point, but I will point out what initially appears suspicious and provide a detailed analysis of a suspicious video.

Red Flag 1: FBI and BATFE (ATF) Involvement

These corrupt agencies seem to be present at almost every false flag–at least those that grab mass attention, and most do. Some examples include 9/11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon “Bombing,” and many more. They take over investigations and turn them into non-investigations and strive to prevent people from looking into actual facts.

Red Flag 2: Open-Ended “Motive” Statement

At the time this article was published on the day of the supposed shooting, CNN stated that the shooter “got away.” (We’ll see if they kill the accused–likely to prevent a trial and which would likely be in a claimed gun fight–or keep them from talking live otherwise.) Yet, while the shooter is still supposedly on the run and this event is still underway, corporate media–in usual fashion–is already jumping on motive. In CNN’s own words, “the gunmen got away and the motive for the shootings was unclear….”

Look through corporate media reports of events that ended up being false flags in recent history and you will see that this open-ended “motive” statement is used nearly every time. It used to be that the corporate media would hyperventilate up front about the motive being some idea government wishes to demonize (like being anti-government and anti-globalism) and/or the supposed suspect being tied to some group the government despises (anarchists, patriots, gun owners, etc).

Now, this “motive-unclear” statement is used in a manner that leaves room for media to tell whatever story they wish–perhaps depending on if their stunt is exposed or not. It also allows time to see if the public buys their story so they can decide on whom to lay blame. If people buy the official story, run with the “anti-government-or-anti-something-else-people-did-it” narrative. If they don’t, well, blame it on the Muslims or ISIS or something.

Red Flag 3: Government Staff Presence

Perhaps the mayor typically attends the Juice Bowl. If so, this may be a less-important point. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the city mayor was present and “200 yards from the gunfire,” according to CNN (though NBC says about 150 yards). Also, other government staff were there are well. Why was government staff there? Was the mayor really there just to “share in this great community event?”

Why was metro councilwoman, Cheri Bryant Hamilton, present but supposedly exiting the park when the shooting started?

Red Flag 4: Analysis of Suspicious Video

CNN states that a man by the name of Stephen Washburn was streaming live to Facebook during the shooting. They included the full stream in the below video report starting at 0:27:

  1. Video streamer is grinning and recording odd video.
    This is not the most-important point and he is grinning before the shooting starts, but I think it is still worth noting and asking a question.screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-07-19-03

    Why is he grinning and then recording such pointless video with an awkwardly-aimed camera with his hand partially over the lens?


  2. Video streamer does not react to shooting.
    More-importantly, when the firing begins at 0:35–shots that, by the sound of them, are right by him–the video streamer does not react at all! He does not even flinch, duck, make a noise, or run. He simply keeps on strolling.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 07.22.32.png

  3. Bystanders do not react to shooting.
    Same as the streamer, nearby people do not react to the shooting. Not only that, they are casually standing around (0:39)! Nobody visible is running, no one is screaming, yelling, or ducking…

    Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 09.00.33.png

    …except for one man seen at 0:44 who is casually looking up at the cameraman and standing up–while shots are still being fired!

    Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 09.02.26.png

Red Flag 5: Video Editing

CNN released another video later that included the live Facebook stream again–but this time, it was edited:


Notice that they 1) cut out the grinning and 2) cut to the man “ducking” on the ground and 3) showed the man “ducking” twice. This removed the obvious lack of reaction and created an illusion of action.

Red Flag 6: Imagery Lacking, Inadequate, and/or Contradictive

The images released of the park after the incident, granted, could have been after every body was transported away. But CNN’s article stated that “the dead and wounded were sprawled across the grassy field.” So where are the images of the wounded and dead? CNN’s first video starts with a woman suddenly flipping out (which she oddly did a second time in another video…just saying) as if she just got news of a death, but where are the bodies inside the police tape? Why do none of the photos show “where the bodies lay under bright blue tarps,” referenced by Courier-Journal?

Image credit: Wave3 News
Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 09.10.58.png
Image credit: Wave3 News

The more big-picture question is this: why is there hardly ever any police footage or imagery released with these events–or when there is, it is typically incomplete, problematic, supportive of government divisiveness (e.g. white-on-black crime), or all of the above?

Red Flag 7: Unrealistic Human Behavior

The claim was made by CNN that the gunfire stopped, then the screaming began. That sure is a delayed reaction! Do I really need to say more?

Red Flag 8: Conflicting / Changing Narratives

First, the claim is that the gunfire stops, then the screaming begins. Then, the story changes to say that there were “thousands of people” who started running and screaming as soon as the shots started. Go back to the live Facebook stream. Do you hear thousands running and screaming? Nothing of the sort is heard.

Red Flag 9: Narrative / Propaganda

Of course, the usual blanket slams against “people with guns” rather than the accused individual(s) took place–such as in this incompetently-worded Tweet by Louisville mayor, Greg Fisher:

and in a ludicrous call for “national shame” by “Representative” Reginald Meeks quoted by Courier-Journal where he says, “can national shame and attention bring the local response needed to stop the bloodletting? We certainly don’t seem to have the resolve to do it on our own.”

Red Flag 10: Government Reaction

One of the most important elements of an incident such as this to look out for during investigation is government reaction. In this case–surprise, surprise–the local government is calling for an expansion of the police state!

Government staff are quoted by Courier-Journal in the following excerpt:

“Hamilton said Thursday’s violence underscores the need to rethink a plan by Police Chief Steve Conrad that dismantled each division’s flex platoons, specialty units that deal with street-level crime.

‘A lot of people are feeling emboldened because there are not enough police officers out in the street anymore,’ Hamilton said. ‘I’m still harping on that. We don’t have our flex platoons and our undercover people walking through the crowds. They may have been able to catch some of this before it happened.’

Councilman David James, chairman of the Public Safety Committee and a former narcotics detective, said Fischer saw firsthand how his and other council members’ constituents live. He said the mayor needs to bring back the flex platoons, add a unit focused on gangs and expand the narcotics unit.

‘We’ve been telling the mayor for quite some time that police don’t have enough resources,’ said James, D-6th District. ‘I hope that now he’s seen it firsthand, he’ll understand now. I hope it’s a wake-up call for the mayor.’

These are merely questions, but could this have been why this possibly-staged act took place in front of the mayor–to persuade him to grant these police-state-expansion wishes? Or is this all an act for the public in which all of these staff members are involved? And what the heck do narcotics have anything to do with this?

In Closing

I must admit that the multiple sessions of sudden reactions shown are not completely convincing. But even if this was not a staged event, it certainly is being capitalize on by government and media. Either way, let us hope that nobody actually died. But if they did, God have mercy on those wronged.

See my initial-thoughts video on this incident here. Also, please subscribe to the newsletter from the sidebar to receive live updates on important world issues.



🎥 VIDEO: 🔍 INITIAL THOUGHTS / ANALYSIS: Louisville, KY, Football Game Shooting


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  1. A very well written post, Franz! Thanks for always being there to help remind us to think for ourselves and dig deeper. :)


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