“Prince” Philip Announced Dead

Another Satanist Bites the Dust

Another human-trafficking and likely-cannibal piece of scum has apparently bitten the dust–if what corporate media says is true. According to corporate media, the death of “prince” (what a joke) Philip, husband of “Queen” (what a joke) Elizabeth II, was confirmed on April 9, 2021.

Of course, it is entirely possible that he was already dead some time earlier, especially after, reportedly, being in the hospital from some time in February to March, 2021, and having a heart surgery. They may just now be announcing it.

The Other Side

Regardless, this former walking corpse is now facing the other side–whatever it is like–having spent his life leaving behind absolutely nothing of value in this world and bringing destruction, greed, slavery, murder, and just outright spiritual ugliness.

Living forever worked out as well for this one as it did for David Rockefeller. It is time for him to go join his other satanist companions who left this earth.

To this murderous, heartless garbage, good riddance.

Celebratory Meme


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